• It has excellent fixedness and stability In the intestinal epithelial cell to prevent the harmful bacteria.
  • It also makes the synergy effects of immunity active material to immunity strengthens and good productivity.
  • Has plenty of vitamins, UGF(Unknown growth factor), organic acids from the yeast proto plasm and peptide-glucan, beta-glucan, MOS from yeast cell wall during the fermentation process.


  • Decreases the feces and bad smell by decomposing nutrients to easy digestion
  • Improves meat quality by maximizing amino-acid utilization rate
  • Decreases the disease occurrence by maintaining the balance of intestinal microbial flora
  • Maximizes preference and feed intake rate by unique flavor and taste(glutamic acid nucleic acid)
  • Supplies various nutrients such as vitamins, UGF, organic acids, and soon.
  • Increases the body weight and productivity of livestock
  • Inhibits the harmful bacteria by containing rich organic acids to decrease intestinal pH


Poultry - 1 ml/1-5L of drinking water


500ml, 1L, 5L